Continuing Education in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Continuing Education in Leeds, West Yorkshire Whether for school, university, work or a hobby, learning and remembering lots of new information is something were expected to do throughout our lives.

Unfortunately, learning isnt as simple as wed like: we cant simply hit a record button in our brains and memorise an entire textbook in one sitting. We forget most of what weve supposedly learnt even a few minutes ago, which leaves us feeling incompetent, unprepared and stressed.

Years of neuroscience research has given us fascinating insights into how the brain encodes and stores information, and how we can leverage this insight to study far more effectively than we currently do. Unfortunately, the education system, and therefore our private study habits still fail to take advantage of this incredibly powerful knowledge: until now.

Taking the best research about the brain learns, and adapting it to your own learning style, Synap offers a powerful yet personalized alternative to the time-consuming methods of yesterday. It is your personal study trainer, working with you not only to pass exams, but to achieve mastery in your hobby, your course and your career.
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